Exaprotect unveils LogManager 3.0

Most organizations struggle to capture and manage their IT infrastructure and systems logs, a critical necessity for compliance with regulatory and audit requirements. The number of different devices and applications in the enterprise is increasing, and each generates large volumes of log data. These logs are inconsistent throughout the organization, making it difficult for security teams to separate the important data from the noise and distill it down to the most relevant security information. Organizations face the challenge of an ever-increasing supply of log data, a limited amount of resources and an immediate need for a solution that can be rapidly deployed.

Exaprotect LogManager provides enterprises with an all-inclusive appliance that allows network and security administrators to collect, monitor, store and playback logs to meet regulatory compliance.

With more than 200 compliance-driven report templates that clearly measure progress against industry regulations and corporate standards, LogManager enables compliance. In addition, role-based access control, preservation of original log formats and a solid chain-of-custody ensure that network data is always secure and audit-ready.

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