Password management solution with hardware-based encryption

Lieberman Software Corporation’s new Random Password Manager 4.0 is the first privileged password management product to incorporate hardware encryption, multi-factor authentication, and delegated workflow in one solution. The updated version offers comprehensive protection against unauthorized access to sensitive local passwords.

The latest version of Random Password Manager can interface with any hardware security module (HSM) when a PKCS #11 interface library is provided. With an HSM, there is no record of keys stored in memory. Instead the keys are stored in a secure device, physically inside of a computer with encryption independently validated to FIPS 140-2 levels 2 and 3. As a result, software debuggers cannot locate and access decryption keys, allowing critical data to be compromised. Random Password Manager is the first privileged password management solution to offer hardware-based encryption.

Another upgrade in version 4.0 is two-factor authentication technology enabled by RSA SecurID. This helps guarantee that only staff with physical possession of an RSA SecurID hardware authenticator and properly provisioned credentials can access the passwords generated and stored by Random Password Manager.
Other significant enhancements to Random Password Manager 4.0 include a delegated password workflow process, and support for Oracle and MySQL databases and OS/390 and AS400 systems.

Random Password Manager continuously randomizes local administrator and root account passwords on every system in the enterprise, and enables temporary recovery of current passwords via an audited web interface. The passwords are secured using AES-256 encryption in a SQL Server database, and SSL encryption of data to the browser. Random Password Manager supports Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008, Linux and UNIX servers and workstations; SQL Server and Oracle databases; and Cisco and Juniper hardware devices.

The product is certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Windows Vista, and is RSA SecurID Ready.

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