More info on the IdentiPHI flagship product

IdentiPHI recently announced the availability of its new flagship security software, IdentiPHI SAFsolution 5 Enterprise Edition. Today we got some more information on the product.

SAFsolution 5 includes an improved security framework for protecting the integrity of all sensitive information that is stored and accessed in local and directory databases. SAFsolution 5 utilizes Suite B cryptographic algorithms from IdentiPHI partner Certicom to protect data and communications within the network. By utilizing Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithms, SAFsolution 5 customers are protected with cryptography recommended by the National Security Agency (NSA).

SAFsolution 5 integrates tightly with Microsoft Active Directory, leveraging its built-in scalability, fault tolerance and redundancy. By using Active Directory as a repository for user credentials, policies and deployment settings, SAFsolution 5 users are able to roam and biometrically authenticate on any SAFsolution 5 client within a domain or multi-domain forest. Administration of users, configuration and policies has been made simple through the use of a Centralized Management Console managed by SAFsolution 5.

Usability – a critical requirement of any successful enterprise deployment – has been addressed and improved in the SAFsolution 5 release. The user experience was redesigned to reduce errors during enrollment and logon, simplify and speed up access with a Fast Logon capability, and provide enhanced authentication alternatives and support when disconnected from the network. With SAFsolution 5, the user experience is consistent when accessing the network or integrating with third party applications such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and hardware and software encryption solutions.

SAFsolution 5 improves security by replacing cumbersome passwords with biometric authentication – the most reliable and convenient form of security available today. It offers broad support for enterprise platforms, security standards and biometric technologies, enabling simplified integration and simplified deployment. SAFsolution 5 is also fully compatible with PKI smart cards used for Active Directory logon, allowing organizations to deploy biometrics and PKI smart cards in a mixed solution to meet security needs.

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