IBM Proventia GX6116’s 6Gbps throughput the fastest tested NIPS

IBM Proventia GX6116’s 6Gbps throughput is the fastest NIPS tested to date by NSS Labs and showed excellent security effectiveness coverage for the most critical vulnerabilities. 

“We put the product through over 1,500 individual evaluations in our real-world test lab that cover a wide range of scenarios to evaluate its security effectiveness and performance as well as its management and usability capabilities,” said Rick Moy, President of NSS Labs. “Running a total of 579 exploits that covered a wide range of operating systems and applications, the Proventia GX6116 detected and blocked a total of 555 (95.9%). Of the 505 attacker initiated exploits, the Proventia GX6116 missed only two, giving an amazing detection total of 99.6%.”
The full report discussing the product’s strengths and weaknesses can be viewed online.

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