Audit and remediate highly-sensitive data-at-rest

Guidance Software released the EnCase Data Audit and Policy Enforcement, a software solution that enables organizations to proactively audit and remediate highly-sensitive data-at-rest residing on desktops, laptops, file servers and email servers across the network.

This tool addresses the need to enforce regulatory compliance mandates and ensure that personally identifiable information (PII), payment card industry (PCI) data, intellectual property and other company-confidential information remains in authorized areas of the network. The solution is based on EnCase technology already in use across government networks, where agencies have used it successfully to search for, identify and remediate classified data leaked onto unclassified networks.

The software is complementary to data loss prevention (DLP) solutions because it uniquely addresses data-at-rest by using the targeted search and forensically-sound remediation capabilities of EnCase, unlike content monitoring and filtering products that focus on network data-in-motion. These advanced search capabilities allow organizations to search files on desktops, laptops, and file servers, as well as emails on email servers, using specific criteria such as file type, file signature, keywords, metadata, hash values and more.

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