Multispectral fingerprint sensor ensures reliability

Lumidigm and Alphatronics have teamed to create an outdoor biometric access control solution. Alphatronics has utilized the Lumidigm Venus fingerprint sensor to create the first biometric component of its modular access product offering, called OctoLine.

The Alphatronics OctoLine is a set of modular components that can be configured into a custom access control solution. It comes complete with the OctoLine driver software which enables easy integration into any application. The Fingerscan biometric module employs Lumidigm’s fingerprint sensor for superior biometric performance in any indoor or outdoor environment. Other OctoLine modules include contactless card readers, barcode scanners, versatile intercom systems, button selectors, LED displays, touch screens, and ticket printers. This rugged access control solution performs outdoors in all weather conditions while maintaining an elegant aesthetic for high-end applications.

Lumidigm’s fingerprint sensors capture accurate and high-quality fingerprint images by using multispectral light to collect data from both the fingerprint on the surface of the skin and the identical “inner fingerprint” beneath the surface. This multispectral imaging capability permits Lumidigm sensors to be used in environments where other sensors fail. For example, rain on the platen will not prevent a Lumidigm sensor from obtaining a high-quality fingerprint image.

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