Home security, monitoring and automation platform

uControl announced a software platform that allows service providers to deploy cutting edge Home Security, Monitoring and Automation (SMA) services. The uControl SMA Platform and accompanying TouchScreen combine to create an open, technology-agnostic infrastructure that works equally well for all homes whether they have an existing wired alarm system or require a new wireless alarm system to be installed.

The uControl TouchScreen combines an alarm system, communication gateway, and home automation platform into a single, 7-inch WVGA TouchScreen device that is about the size of a traditional alarm keypad. It can be conveniently placed anywhere within the home – whether mounted on a bedroom wall or placed on a kitchen countertop. For homes that don’t already have a security system, the TouchScreen acts as a complete stand-alone wireless alarm system that communicates directly with wireless peripherals and sensors. For homes that already have a security system, the uControl TouchScreen replaces one of the existing keypads and leverages all of the existing equipment, sensors and wiring in the home.

The TouchScreen leverages key enabling technologies from uControl’s original service including remote control from any Web browser or cell phone, alerts via email or SMS, redundant connectivity (broadband and cellular), cameras, home automation and interoperability with existing alarm panels from Honeywell, DSC, GE and Bosch. In addition, it is a lightweight network information appliance in the home enabling service providers to deliver video, photos, web content and social networking applications via an open, standards-based Widget Platform.

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