Spammers capitalise on Manchester United win to trick unwary fans

Sophos is warning Manchester United fans keen to bask in their team’s glory to be wary of unsolicited emails following the discovery of a spam campaign that contains the URL mnchsterunited dot com in the emails.

Sophos experts note that by missing out just two letters of the club’s name, the chances of unsuspecting victims not noticing and clicking on the link are heightened.

However, samples intercepted by SophosLabs did not make reference to the UEFA cup in the subject line – a tactic often used by cybercriminals to entice computer users into opening the message. Subject lines included:

  • ‘Change your small trout into a great white shark’
  • ‘She will remove her loin-cloth’
  • ‘Get a greater kangaroo pounder’

Email users who click on the link are not taken to the website of the multi-award-winning football club, but are instead taken to a store selling products to enhance male body parts.


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