Full disk encryption for the Mac platform

Check Point announced the release of Check Point Full Disk Encryption for Mac OS X, the industry’s first full-disk encryption solution with pre-boot authentication to support the Mac OS X. Check Point Full Disk Encryption now supports all major laptop and desktop operating systems, including Mac OS X version 10.4.5 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard.

Check Point Full Disk Encryption is quick and easy to deploy, scales to any size organization and is proven in every type of industry and government agency around the world. Customers benefit from easy to use features and centralized management across diverse operating systems, significantly simplifying the implementation and use of full-disk encryption in mixed environments.

Features and benefits of Check Point Full Disk Encryption include:

  • Industry-leading full-disk encryption protects lost or stolen data
  • Pre-boot authentication requires username and password before the operating system loads, increasing security
  • Automatic and transparent operation has minimal effect on end users’ productivity
  • Centralized management simplifies setup and administration, providing lowest total cost of ownership
  • Multi-certified cryptography engine addresses adherence to state and federal privacy laws
  • Scalable deployment meets the needs of any size enterprise, business or government agency.

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