Hardware encryption-secured flash drive

EDGE Tech Corp introduced its rough-and-tough, hardware encryption-secured flash drive, the DiskGO Secure GUARDIAN. Utilizing mandatory 256-bit AES hardware encryption, the DiskGO Secure GUARDIAN exceeds the government standard for encrypting data.

It features absolute security and mega-fast transfers, including dual-channel SLC flash that boasts read speeds of 25MB/s and write speeds of 16MB/s. The drive is encased in an incredibly rugged, anodized-aluminum housing that withstands rough treatment and extreme elements such as water, dirt, and sand.

Complex passwords are required for use, which creates an additional layer of security. Encrypting data with the GUARDIAN is 100 percent mandatory—the only option for storing files is in its encrypted section. In the event the device is misplaced, an optional contact information feature allows for storage of information such as a phone number and an email address. Brute force and other malicious password-guessing attacks are thwarted by the the device’s lock-down function—encrypted data is completely erased after eight failed password attempts.

The DiskGO Secure GUARDIAN is essential for those in need of a government- and enterprise-grade encryption solution for safe guarding confidential data.

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