New Payment Card Industry compliance solution

Tufin Technologies today announced a new PCI Compliance solution as part of its SecureTrack security operations management product. It provides a comprehensive PCI-DSS Audit Report for security devices, helping IT security teams meet the standard’s requirements in various control areas from network security and data safety all the way to access control and accountability.

Key SecureTrack Benefits for PCI-DSS Compliance:

  • Continuous change tracking and analysis – ensuring all aspects of network and data security is inherent to the PCI standard. SecureTrack monitors firewall policy changes, reports them in real-time and maintains a comprehensive, accurate audit trail for full accountability.
  • Powerful security policy simulation and risk analysis – policy simulation is a key part of the PCI requirement to test security systems and processes regularly. SecureTrack enables managers to query complex rule bases and simulate a broad range of scenarios. With SecureTrack’s Policy Analysis, managers can identify potential threats to cardholder data security and eliminate them before any damage can occur.
  • Configurable security alerts – combined with continuous change tracking and analysis, compliance alerts are part of a comprehensive approach to payment card data security that ensures both prompt response and thorough follow-up. SecureTrack alerts designated managers whenever any change that could affect cardholder data security takes place.
  • Periodic Auditing and Reports – intuitive, packaged reports for PCI-DSS compliance can be quickly customized to meet the specific requirements of every organization.
  • Multi-vendor best practices – best practices are proven methods of assuring the network and data security requirements of PCI-DSS. SecureTrack provides the ability to compare current configuration with best practice recommendations derived from extensive industry experience.

General availability of SecureTrack’s PCI-DSS Audit Report is scheduled for June 30th.

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