IronDoor to set a new benchmark for secure remote access

WorldExtend launched IronDoor 3.5, a software-based solution that sets both a simplicity and affordability benchmark for secure remote access to both data and applications.

IronDoor 3.5’s software-based platform makes it easy for organizations of any size to publish Windows applications housed on the network to any authorized user – essentially web-enabling any application through a secure single sign-on. By providing highly-secure FTP, TELNET, VPN, Remote Desktop and Application Publishing services through a single web interface, IronDoor 3.5 enables organizations to provide employees, branch offices, suppliers, or even customers with simple and secure remote access to shared data (such as network file folders or client server applications) from any Windows or Linux computer. Organizations can also utilize multiple IronDoor Agents to bring together in one interface applications and assets from locations that are not normally available on the same network.

Delivered via an extremely-simple and intuitive wizard-driven download that requires no dedicated hardware (and little, if any, IT department assistance), IronDoor 3.5 makes it easy for any organization to enjoy the increased business agility and productivity gains of telecommuting and remote access previously only available via extremely costly and complicated solutions. With IronDoor 3.5, any organization can now download the software in minutes to provide highly-secure access to data and applications from any location in the world within minutes.

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