New mobile antivirus and firewall solutions

Sybase iAnywhere today announced that it has expanded its mobile security portfolio to include handheld antivirus and firewall capabilities. Sybase Information Anywhere Suite’s Afaria management and security solution will be enhanced with antivirus and firewall technology, addressing growing concern over an increase in malware, viruses, hackers and spam targeting handheld devices.

These new security components, combined with Afaria’s award-winning mobile device authentication and encryption technology, provide complete protection for Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry mobile devices from viruses, data compromise, hackers and the effects of mobile device loss or theft.

Afaria Antivirus Manager

  • Comprehensive antivirus protection with automatic signature file updates, assuring up-to-date protection
  • Real-time virus detection on any file received
  • Based on heuristic technology – first behavior-based security solution targeting mobile devices. Afaria provides this added protection effectively without sacrificing device performance

Afaria Firewall Manager

  • IP based firewall protection – puts IT administrators in control with black list or white list filtering of inbound and outbound communications. This allows a company to “lock down” use of the device for authorized business communications only and/or protect the device from possible infection through typical web-surfing.
  • SMS and call filtering – allows administrators to minimize mobile spam by establishing a customized blacklist to block incoming SMS, MMS and/or calls from selected contacts and unknown users. An end user can even actively manage this from his device to block unwanted spam or phone calls.

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