Image Risk scanner for enterprise email

PixAlert has released ImageGuard MailAssessor, a downloadable tool (30 day trial) which allows companies to rapidly check for potential image risk in their email systems. It’s widely recognised that outbound e-mailing of inappropriate content damages company reputations and brand equity, while internal distribution can undermine employee welfare and productivity.

ImageGuard MailAssessor is designed specifically for enterprise email systems and can scan email accounts unobtrusively without the need to install any software on the email server. The software works with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise and will scan embedded images, compressed files and email attachments held on email servers.

The software reports on both known and suspect images and will identify email domains to which inappropriate images have been sent using a corporate email account. Known images are reported by severity and description.

During the past year, PixAlert saw a rise in the volumes of Inappropriate Images both stored & circulated within the enterprise and beyond it to external parties. Pornographic or inappropriate material was found on 29% of PCs in 2007, up from 25% in 2006 and in 14% of e-mail accounts, up from 12% in 2006.

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