New online training in enterprise and forensic investigations

Guidance Software announced the launch of its EnCase On Demand training program which grants online access to the company’s world-class courses in enterprise investigations (internal investigations, eDiscovery) and forensic investigations (law enforcement, fraud).  The program’s inaugural offerings—EnCase Computer Forensics I, EnCase Enterprise Implementation and EnCase v6 Features—are now available on demand.

Guidance Software developed EnCase On Demand based on user feedback-specifically for those professionals who need to remain onsite due to investigation pressures, budget cuts or staffing concerns, but need to prepare to provide credible testimonies in cases of digital investigations.  Such potential users could include professionals in law enforcement, IT, legal departments and government agencies.  Future program offerings will revolve around more advanced training for e-discovery, data audit and forensic investigations. 
EnCase Computer Forensics I, one of Guidance Software’s most popular training courses, includes 32 hours of course work in 28 separate blocks of training.  This introductory course is a hands-on experience that involves practical exercises and real-life simulations.  The class provides participants with an understanding of the proper handling of digital evidence from the initial seizure and acquisition of the computer/media, to data analysis, archival and validation.  The EnCase Enterprise Implementation module explains initial installation and configuration of the EnCase Enterprise platform. The EnCase v6 Features module is an individual, two-hour block of training that provides users with the latest updates included in the recently launched version of EnCase Enterprise, including explanations on new features.

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