Encryption key management for Oracle Database 11g

nCipher announced its nShield and netHSM key management solutions are now integrated with Transparent Data Encryption, part of Oracle Database 11g Advanced Security option. The combination of Oracle Transparent Data Encryption and nCipher’s secure key management systems provides customers with the highest level of data security assurance and enables compliance with even the most rigorous regulations and industry standards, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The increasingly high standards of government regulations and industry best practices require organizations to better protect sensitive data such as social security numbers and credit card account information, and encryption has emerged as the preferred method for achieving this.

An established best practice for key management includes the use of hardware security modules (HSMs), a trusted platform within which keys can be securely created, used and stored. As critical policy enforcement points, HSMs can be used to establish strong authentication rules for administrators and dual control mechanisms for establishing shared responsibilities in order to address the risk associated with super-user privileges. HSMs provide a natural separation between the functions of key management and traditional database administration, establishing a separation of duties as called for in various privacy mandates.

nCipher is a member in the Oracle PartnerNetwork. nCipher has also joined the Oracle Enterprise Security and GRC Initiative to further develop and promote their unique value-added products and services that are critical to meeting customer information security, and governance, risk and compliance requirements.

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