New automated protection switch boosts router-based network reliability

Cornet Technology announced the availability of its latest intelligent protection switch, the RPS-24, that is targeted at backing up routers in dark or dim sites where continuous up-time is critical and rack space is at a premium. Its 24-port design mirrors that of a standard network router for perfect connectivity synergy.

The RPS-24 switch provides intelligent one-to one back-up for routers using automatic A to B, B to A switching. By actively monitoring all active IP circuits from the router, it can detect a problem, automatically switch the circuit to a backup router, and issue an alarm indicating repair is necessary. Its proven latching relay technology ensures that even in a power outage the connection is maintained.

According to Pierre Bretault, VP of International Sales at Cornet Technology:

No matter how robust and reliable a router is there is still a chance that a component will fail. When it is vital that your router network has continuous availability, then this smart switch is a perfect solution. It gives you the added confidence that your network will continue to function in the rare incidence of a router failure.

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