New Cloakware Server Password Manager

The Cloakware Server Password Manager (CSPM) reached version 3.5 and is the first enterprise-grade Shared Account Password Management (SAPM) platform designed to support multi-site, heterogeneous and high-volume datacenters. CSPM 3.5 delivers enhanced performance and scalability to meet the password management needs of the largest organizations, ensures high availability in distributed networks, and improves integration with heterogeneous datacenters without system interruption or downtime.

Many organizations perceive privileged and application-to-application (A2A) password management technology as cost-prohibitive, difficult to implement and impossible to manage. The enhanced version of CSPM removes these roadblocks with streamlined deployment options, improved integration into existing environments and superior scalability and reliability. CSPM manages millions of privileged and A2A passwords, making it easier for organizations of any size or complexity to improve compliance, protect confidential data, decrease system downtime and lower operating costs across the enterprise.

CSPM version 3.5 delivers the following major enhancements:

  • Reliability and Robustness Across Multiple Sites – New deployment options mean that a single CSPM deployment can be spread over multiple datacenters with the primary installation as the core of the deployment and the secondary instances in remote datacenters. In this architecture, clients can connect to any CSPM instance resulting in even faster response times and high availability without network interruption.
  • Plug & Play Application Server Support – Java adds a level of complexity to managing application passwords since applications that run inside a Java container (such as WebLogic, WebShpere, JBOSS and Tomcat) rely on the container to establish a secure, shared connection to other programs and databases. CSPM 3.5 integrates into the shared connection and provides passwords on demand. Further, CSPM can change passwords without having to shut down and restart the Java container service. This results in uninterrupted operations and is achieved without changing the applications.
  • Scalability – CSPM scales to provide the infrastructure support services necessary for a robust and secure installation regardless of the size of the installation or the number of passwords under management. Fundamental tasks, such as data archiving and database re-encryption are broken down into smaller “chunks.” CSPM completes each task in real-time and does so without interrupting other system activities, or overall system availability.
  • Integration – CSPM supports the preferred infrastructure components adopted by most organizations. Leveraging existing software licensing agreements reduces total cost of ownership and allows IT staff to continue managing the systems they are most familiar with, avoiding lengthy learning curves. In this release, DB2 joins Oracle, MS-SQL, Sybase and MySQL as supported choices for the CSPM password repository.

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