PCI managed security suite accelerates PCI compliance

Vendor Safe Technologies introduced its new PCI Managed Security Suite, a one-stop solution that enables restaurants and other merchants to comply with the credit card industry’s PCI DSS requirements for preventing credit card fraud. For credit card merchants that don’t have an IT staff dedicated to securing their environment, PCI Managed Security Suite delivers a complete, low-cost PCI compliance solution that employs best practices-driven management of network security, data access and policies & procedures.

Restaurants are more susceptible to credit card fraud than any other merchant category. Data recorded by Visa revealed that more than 40% of incidents in which criminals gained unauthorized access to credit card information occurred in restaurants. The Chipotle Mexican Grill and Dave and Buster’s chains rank among the more notable cases where extensive theft occurred.

Vendor Safe simplifies the complex process of PCI compliance, making it easier for merchants to make prudent decisions. The Vendor Safe PCI Managed Security Suite addresses the three critical exposure areas of PCI compliance:

  • Network Security, including firewall configuration, remote access, port limitation, public and private network segregation, and encryption of card holder data;
  • Data Access, including external file transfer, wireless and access elements, and local and remote monitoring; and
  • Policies & Procedures, including security policies, firewall setup and incident management.
  • All PCI Security Suite solutions are easily implemented and priced for a monthly fee.

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