Convenient security for ASUS ultra mobile portable PCs

AuthenTec’s small form factor AES1610 fingerprint sensor is now integrated as a standard feature on two new ASUS ultra mobile portable PCs (UMPCs). These new UMPCs are the latest in a growing number of notebook PCs that incorporate AuthenTec sensors to provide Power of Touch features including user security, convenience, personalization and navigation.

AuthenTec’s AES1610 fingerprint sensor adds personal authentication to the ASUS R2 and R50 UMPCs, greatly reducing the risk of compromised data in the event the UMPC is lost, stolen or left unattended.

The AES1610 is one of several small form factor sensors that AuthenTec now offers for the PC and wireless markets. Since the introduction of its first small form factor sensor in 2005, the company now has sold over 10 million such devices, a third of the Company’s industry leading 30 million total sensors shipped.

Both UMPCs offer ASUS’ Security Protect Manager (ASPM) feature to enhance PC and user security. ASPM allows ASUS notebooks to run applications securely and to make transactions and communications more trustworthy. AuthenTec’s fingerprint authentication is a key component of end-to-end security for ASPM. Instead of using a password to access ASPM, the user may simply swipe their finger across the AuthenTec fingerprint sensor to ensure secure yet convenient access to their laptop, its stored files and even favorite web sites.

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