Managed web security appliance strengthens policy compliance

Sophos announced new key features to its managed WS1000 web security appliance. Offered as a free and automatic upgrade, the new features include multi-layer protection against anonymizing proxies, HTTPS scanning, and a host of end-user enforcement and reporting improvements to one of the industry’s most comprehensive solutions.

The new features add:

Proxy Reputation Service: Tracks a vast array of online sources to identify proxy sites/services as they become available and immediately publishes updates to the proxy block list.

Real-time Proxy Scanner: Patent-pending detection engine that decodes and inspects every web request for signs that the traffic is being intentionally routed through a dedicated anonymizing proxy.

HTTPS Scanning: Enables scanning and filtering of SSL-encrypted traffic – a significant blind spot for IT with most solutions – to ensure that no malware is being transferred or policies violated when communicating over HTTPS in applications such as Webmail.

SafeSearch Enforcement: Enforces SafeSearch mode within major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN/Live to further protect networks from infected or inappropriate site results.

Reporting Enhancements: New user-specific activity reporting (categories, sites visited and time online) for tracking behaviors against acceptable use policies and conducting forensic audits.

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