New bank card security system to support EMV2000 specifications

Prime Factors’ new Bank Card Security System (BCSS) version 3.0 now supports the latest EMV2000 specifications for smart cards. The name EMV comes from the initial letters of Europay, MasterCard and VISA, the three companies which originally cooperated to develop the chip card standard.

Prime Factors’ version 3.0 insures that customers who issue chip cards stay current with security standards established by EMV. BCSS is middleware used by companies who issue credit, debit, prepaid and chip cards.

Banks, bankcard processors, retail chains and card manufacturers use BCSS to process encrypted keys, public key certificates, and card security codes. It generates magnetic-stripe personalization codes such as CVV, CVC, CSC and PINs.
The BCSS database stores encrypted 3DES keys and RSA public/private keys used to support EMV2000 processing for chip cards.

BCSS is compatible with Thales Host Security Modules (HSMs) to provide the most secure environment for card processing. BCSS reduces the burden of maintaining and upgrading custom code and eliminates the need to know proprietary host commands for the Thales HSM 8000.

In addition, BCSS includes a configuration program to facilitate the creation, tracking and verification of cryptographic keys and security options defined by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express standards. It also includes a card utility program to format cardholder information to create personalization card data and PIN mailers.

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