Enhanced enterprise-class data backup and recovery tools

Advanced Vault announced that the company’s data backup and recovery tools now provide support for 64-bit editions of Windows, Linux, Mac and FreeBSD operating systems. The enhancement is a welcome development for small and midsized businesses for whom the lack of secure data protection has been a barrier to moving to enhanced 64-bit operating systems. Advanced Vault offers an enterprise-level data protection solution for SMBs, delivered through a turnkey appliance.

Advanced Vault offers continuous data protection (CDP) for servers and desktops in mixed platforms. The solution captures, encrypts, and compresses critical data and securely sends it to an Advanced Vault appliance as soon as data changes, or based on advanced scheduling methodology.

With CDP, data recovery is available as soon as backup is completed and data can be recovered from a centralized web console. Users can choose the most recent version of data to recover or can restore multiple versions of data protected by Advanced Vault. Data can be recovered from local or remote appliances for added protection.

Advanced Vault also provides advanced bare metal recovery (BMR) agents that support servers and desktop recovery / migrations from Physical to Physical (similar and dissimilar hardware), Physical to Virtual, Virtual to Physical, Virtual to Virtual.

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