Application whitelisting solution for Point-of-Sale

Bit9 announced Bit9 Parity for POS, a way for retailers and any company with a POS system or kiosk to control and secure information as well as help with PCI DSS compliance.

Locking down and securing today’s POS payment devices, servers and self-serve kiosks has never been more challenging, as the 20-year-old antivirus industry that relies on pattern-matching and blacklisting is struggling to keep up with the exploding universe of malware. POS and kiosk systems pose a serious security challenge as they are often targeted by malicious hackers for their role in handling sensitive and valuable customer data. Yet most companies are unable to easily control what applications can and cannot run on these machines. Many POS systems are also unable to easily receive updates and patches, or control portable storage devices, leaving systems open for employees or malicious hackers to install unauthorized software or copy confidential information.

The Bit9 solution gives IT and security professionals the ability to identify and decide which applications and devices are approved and appropriate to run in their environment, while blocking any unauthorized software, known and unknown malware, and the use of storage devices.

By taking this positive approach to security with application control and application whitelisting, Bit9 provides the ability to identify and run only approved software and devices, drastically reducing the amount of IT support and maintenance needed on these systems. Companies no longer need to rely on in-store personnel to update signatures, patches and security configurations.

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