APWG and IEEE partner for Electronic Crime Research Conference

Anti-Phishing Working Group and IEEE will join forces for the development of the APWG e-Crime Researchers Summit (eCRS), the world’s only peer-reviewed technical conference dedicated exclusively to electronic crime research.

This October, at the APWG’s conference week in Atlanta, Georgia, the IEEE, via its Standards Association, will join the eCRS as a ‘Technical Sponsor’ and begin laying the groundwork for the partnership to cultivate the eCRS, as well as the larger discipline of electronic crime studies. The collaboration will leverage the APWG’s unique community of electronic crime experts and the IEEE’s network of technical experts, as well as its global authority in standards development.

The APWG will hold its third annual eCRS, in partnership with IEEE, in Atlanta on October 15-16, 2008, with researchers from universities and research institutions in Austria, the UK, Germany and the United States presenting papers on: engaging, detecting and neutralizing phishing attacks; remediating user behaviors that phishers exploit; automated phishing website detection; and phishing attacks against home router systems.

Initially, the eCRS was founded by APWG Secretary General Peter Cassidy as a venue for the wealth of basic research papers submitted for APWG’s members’ meetings by academic researchers that overwhelmed the capacity of those events. Since the first meeting in collaboration with the University of Central Florida in Orlando in 2006, the eCRS has earned distinction as the world’s only peer-reviewed technical conference focusing exclusively on electronic crime research.

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