Updated Astaro Security Gateway appliances

Astaro Corporation announced the release of version 7.3 of Astaro Security Gateway. The latest Astaro release offers over 100 new features intended to increase end-user efficiency and secure mail traffic.

New features include a redesigned UserPortal for easy management of email and VPN connections, a faster and more accurate Mail Security Engine, a new integrated Active Directory browser, and free email encryption as part of Astaro’s Mail Security Package.

Mail Filtering and Management

A redesigned UserPortal puts information and control into employees’ hands, allowing them to review their own spam Quarantine Report, retrieve false positive mail, and maintain whitelists without relying on their network administrator.  The UserPortal also gives employees the ability to create VPN connections and configure their remote access, ensuring they can use company resources from any location.

Free Encryption

Once a complex and confusing procedure involving extensive employee participation, Astaro’s new email encryption offering now allows for messages to be automatically signed and secured at the gateway of the network.  The average employee no longer needs to be involved in the process, only reap the benefits.

In version 7.3, Astaro has reworked their Email Encryption Engine to make it simple and affordable for any business to start securing its email communications. This new gateway functionality is included at no additional charge with the Mail Security package.

Active Directory Browser

Astaro’s Active Directory now includes the same browser based interface that E-Directory users have enjoyed. This allows for quick drag and drop functionality when building user and group policies, without the need to type out confusing code strings. Administrators can rely on Astaro to tightly integrate their networks, and therefore utilize detailed usage reports, VPN access, and policy settings – without the need for special knowledge or extensive expertise.

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