Advanced hybrid location solution

Polaris Wireless announced the Polaris Wireless Advanced Hybrid Solution which is designed to work in conjunction with A-GPS systems to consistently provide the highest possible accuracy across all environments, especially dense urban and indoor environments, where standalone A-GPS mobile location solutions experience severe accuracy, yield and latency challenges.

Polaris’s patented Advanced Hybrid Solution can now locate callers in urban environments with accuracy improvements ranging from 40 to 70 percent, at the 67th and 95th percentiles respectively, as compared to standalone A-GPS. This increased accuracy represents a significant improvement for the industry and is unmatched by other less advanced hybrid solutions.

Polaris Wireless has developed unique algorithms, based on extensive testing in challenging environments that effectively combine information from WLS and A-GPS to provide the highest and most consistent accuracy. These algorithms dramatically enhance performance in comparison to simple fallback approaches that select another location technology when A-GPS fails to get a location fix. Polaris Wireless’ Advanced Hybrid Solution also improves time-to-fix to support location applications that require immediate accuracy location information; that is, within 3-4 seconds, rather than over 20 seconds with a stand-alone A-GPS solution.

The Polaris Wireless Advanced Hybrid Solution is available as a commercial, Tier 1 carrier grade, LBS-ready platform supported on fully redundant and scalable off-the-shelf server hardware. Together, these specifications leverage Polaris Wireless’ proven software-based location technology to support pervasive LBS with mass-market location capabilities now and in the future. The Polaris Advanced Hybrid Solution is built to work with all legacy handsets, as well as the next generation of feature rich smart phones as they become available in the market. The Polaris Hybrid Solution works for existing 2G and 3G networks and can be easily transitioned to work with the next generation of networks such as 4G/LTE and WiMax.

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