Secure single sign-on for SaaS users

Ping Identity released PingFederate 5.2, the most complete Internet single sign-on software solution for SaaS users and SaaS vendors. It incorporates key technologies from Ping Identity’s recent acquisition of Sxip Access to offer automated provisioning and de-provisioning, as well as advanced user access methods – critical components for effective SSO to Salesforce and Google Apps.

PingFederate 5.2 builds on proprietary Salesforce and Google Apps APIs to deliver automated SaaS provisioning. It works with Microsoft’s Active Directory, or any existing user directory and authentication mechanism the company already uses for its own applications.

In addition to automated provisioning, PingFederate 5.2 introduces new SaaS Connectors for Salesforce and Google. These new modules further expedite deployment of PingFederate for these SaaS applications by including Quick Connection templates that simplify and streamline configuration by pre-populating connection settings, user/account provisioning parameters and SSO endpoint parameters.

Specific to Salesforce, with PingFederate 5.2, Ping Identity has expanded its list of supported Salesforce access methods to include desktop and mobile browsers, remote users, Salesforce Connect for Microsoft Outlook and emailed report URLs.

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