Virtual IPS for granular protection of virtual environments

Stonesoft introduced the StoneGate Virtual IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) to protect internal networks from malicious traffic. The release of this solution brings the granular packet inspection and intelligent event correlation capabilities of Stonesoft’s physical IPS appliances to the virtual world. The StoneGate Virtual IPS is the latest addition to Stonesoft’s expanding virtual and physical security solutions portfolio.

The StoneGate Virtual IPS is a ready-made, easy-to-deploy virtual solution designed to protect virtual networks and servers from the most advanced and sophisticated attacks. Designed to work in conjunction with the StoneGate virtual or physical firewall/VPN solutions, it protects vulnerable applications and operating systems from threats in the virtual environment.

The StoneGate Virtual IPS is centrally managed with the StoneGate Management Center, which eliminates barriers, limitations and security compromises between virtual and physical networks. This offers comprehensive visibility across all networks. It also means the security policies can be consistently enforced throughout the entire network bringing significant cost savings, flexibility and sustainability.

Additional key features include:

  • In-depth, intelligent event correlation of activity between IPS appliances to reduce false positives and negatives;
  • Advanced blacklisting and whitelisting capabilities in conjunction with StoneGate virtual and/or physical appliances;
  • Hybrid mode IPS uniquely operates in monitoring and/or prevention mode simultaneously on the same virtual machine;
  • Certified for the VMware ESX platform and will support VMsafe technology; and
  • Flexible support for a wide range of architectures and virtual platforms.

The StoneGate Virtual Security Solutions are ideally suited for organizations with complex networks, as well as for Managed Service Providers (MSP) since it enables real-time monitoring and management of several customer networks and appliances with just one server. In addition, the virtual solutions can be installed at any location in the virtual networks, in order to protect the traffic between consolidated servers in virtual environments.

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