Clean IT for Windows Server 2008

Configuresoft announced the availability of the compliance toolkit for hardening Microsoft Windows 2008 servers based on Microsoft recommended best practices. As organizations increase the deployment of Windows Server 2008, they must strengthen their defenses to ensure the IT infrastructure remains clean, secure and compliant by following Microsoft hardening guidelines.

Configuresoft’s Center for Policy and Compliance (CP&C) has released the templates for ensuring best practices for securing:

  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server
  • Domain Name System (DNS) Server
  • Web Server (IIS)
  • File Services
  • Print Services
  • Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)
  • Network Policy and Access Services
  • Terminal Services.

Configuresoft’s CP&C toolkit translates the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Security Guide into actionable compliance rules, to ensure that the enterprise security configuration settings on each server correspond with the recommended hardening value.

This toolkit provides guidance for disabling and hardening services such as IIS, DNS, DHCP, and Terminal Services, as well as general Windows Server 2008 platform controls that enable proper file and system-level access controls, network services protection, and many others.

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