New book: “Programing .NET 3.5”

Programming .NET 3.5 offers a grand tour of the release, describing how the four principal technologies can be used together, with Ajax, to build modern n-tier and service-oriented applications. Developers have struggled to implement these patterns with previous versions of the .NET Framework, but this guide uses real-world examples and fully annotated source code to demonstrate how .NET 3.5 can make it easy.

The concepts and technologies that this book covers include:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): Achieve Vista-like effects with this presentation frameworks and graphics subsystem
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): Use this standards-based system to help applications communicate across a network
  • Windows Workflow Foundation (WF): Define, execute, and manage workflows
  • Windows CardSpace: Manage the identities of your users with this new system
  • XAML: Use Microsoft’s XML-based markup language with WPF for user interfaces
  • Ajax: Learn these ASP.NET extensions to implement client-side functionality

Readers can learn how to use each of the four frameworks alone and in concert to build a series of meaningful example applications. Examples are written in C#, and all of the source code will be available for download at both the O’Reilly and the authors’ site, which offers access to a free support forum.

Programming .NET 3.5
Alex Horovitz , Jesse Liberty
ISBN: 9780596527563, 476 pages, $44.99, £27.99, 36 € 

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