VMworld 2008: Free firewall to enable cloud security policy protection

Third Brigade announced a free host-based firewall that is ideal for securing virtual machines and cloud computing. As the foundation for re-establishing consistent security policy on cloud computing resources, the Third Brigade Deep Security Firewall enables tighter security policy to be applied on systems that have moved from internal (private) to external (public) computing clouds.

Third Brigade is announcing this free software-firewall offer this week at VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas because it is the best place to capture the attention of IT professionals virtualizing enterprises around the world.

The complimentary host-based firewall offer includes a free software license for up to 100 servers for a 12 month period, enabling organizations to:

  • Extend enterprise resources to the cloud and tighten security policy on virtual machines in external clouds
  • Maintain consistent security policy and ensure control of virtual machines regardless of cloud computing vendor
  • Proactively prepare for secure migration by deploying location-aware security policy for computing resources, making it possible to move safely from internal to external clouds
  • Maintain audit trail and compliance of systems (SAS 70, PCI DSS, HIPAA and more) as they move to the cloud

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