Handhelds with integrated biometrics

Law enforcement, military, and Homeland Security personnel looking for fully-integrated mobile identity verification options now have two new tools to better track and locate individuals with multi-modal biometric introductions from US-based MaxID.

The new products feature rugged designs for all environments and the ability to remotely identify individuals by fingerprints, scan access and identity cards, photograph subjects, and retrieve information through wireless connections.

Stephen Grist, CEO of MaxID said:

With growing demand for multi-modal biometric devices, we’re also excited to showcase at the 2008 Biometrics Consortium our BHC-100 – a complete integrated multi-modal biometric handheld computer. This rugged touch screen/full keyboard-form computer runs a full version of WindowsTM and includes an iris camera, fingerprint reader, and multiple smart card and barcode-reading capabilities. When allied to its complete range of connectivity, this device provides a truly capable mobile biometric solution with the ability to enroll and access real-time data on the move.

Both new MaxID products are being introduced this week in Tampa, Florida at the 2008 Biometric Consortium Conference and Technology Expo, an event focused on biometric technologies for homeland security, identity management, border crossing, electronic commerce, and other applications.

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