Enterprise-grade password management solution

Cloakware announced the immediate availability of Cloakware Password Authority 4.0, the only enterprise-grade solution to automate the lifecycle management of privileged passwords in the datacenter.

The tool enables business and government IT operations to meet strict Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) requirements by enforcing policies and regulations on who and what can access sensitive data and IT infrastructure, eliminating the often overlooked risks of unmanaged hard-coded system administrator (Administrator) and application-to-application (A2A) passwords and increasing operational continuity.

Password Authority is the first privileged password management solution architected from the ground up to meet the demanding requirements of large global IT operations. Providing customers with the choice of operating system platforms, including HP-UX 11, Solaris, Windows and Linux for the management server and a choice of secure repository, including Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Microsoft SQl Server and MySQL, Cloakware offers flexibility for conforming with the standards already adopted by customers.

Cloakware Password Authority scales to manage millions of A2A and Administrator passwords across multi-site, heterogeneous IT environments. It supports high-availability techniques such as load balancing, clustering, failover/failback, data replication and verification, multi-site deployment, multi-homed access and secure local-caching to ensure that credentials are available when they are needed.

In addition to offering increased scalability and performance for the largest IT operations, Cloakware Password Authority 4.0 enhances usability and workflow with a new browser interface that enables even novice and occasional users to manage passwords efficiently and confidently.

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