New book: “Information Security Law: The Emerging Standard for Corporate Compliance”

Thomas J. Smedinghoff’s “Information Security Law: The Emerging Standard for Corporate Compliance” is the first book to identify the ‘amazing consistency in approach’ among the laws that govern corporate information security obligations. It provides an overview of those laws and identifies the emerging worldwide standard for corporate compliance.

Smedinghoff – a US-based information security lawyer with a reputation second to none in this field – has crafted ‘Information Security Law: The Emerging Standard for Corporate Compliance’ to summarise the global legal framework for information security, and to describe the emergence of ISO/IEC 27001, the international best practice standard for information security management. This book will help senior security managers, compliance specialists and legal professionals understand the overall framework of legal security requirements; evaluate how local security laws fit into that framework; and determine the steps an organisation should take to comply with multiple laws in many jurisdictions.

Information security law is an increasingly important compliance and boardroom topic, driven by three factors: data protection and privacy concerns are causing a proliferation of legislation and regulation; computer- and cybercrime are intensifying the need for organisations to take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their valuable information assets; and financial regulators are ever more interested in the robustness of corporate financial records. Once the present turbulence in financial markets has passed, regulators will be scrutinising closely the stability and reliability of corporate financial records.

Written for specialist and general readers alike, Smedinghoff’s work offers a concise and accessible perspective on the security laws and regulations that most concern today’s IT managers, lawyers and compliance professionals.

Information Security Law: The Emerging Standard for Corporate Compliance is priced at £39.95/$71.95/€49.22 and is available in soft cover (978-1-905356-66-9). To purchase a copy, visit

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