High performance WiMAX base station antenna series

PCTEL announced its new wideband WiMAX base station antenna series with improved coverage characteristics. The new antennas provide single and double null fill capability for optimized coverage. The proprietary design also allows for higher system performance by providing isolation specification.

The wideband antennas cover 2.3-2.7GHz frequency bands and are available with a variety of gain and beam-width options to cover deployment scenarios in urban, suburban and rural environments. The antennas are designed with single and double null fill capability that resolve coverage issues for subscribers closer to the base station.

Based on the model, the antennas provide upper side lobe suppression of better than 15dB or 20dB minimizing interference to neighboring cells. PCTEL has implemented a proprietary design to provide superior port to port isolation of 30dB. The reduced interference between the two antenna ports leads to better WiMAX network performance; specifically, higher data rates for subscribers.

The antennas are available in both 28 inch and 48 inch radomes for higher gain and include as standard, a robust adjustable scissors mount.

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