Red Hat and Tresys to deliver enhanced linux security services

Tresys Technology and Red Hat announced an agreement to work together to deliver government and enterprise security services to customers. Under the terms of the agreement, Red Hat and Tresys will offer services that include security engineering, secure application development, virtualization security and compliance certification and accreditation support on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform.

Tresys is a recognized leader in Linux security services and a principal open source contributor to the Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) kernel. SELinux was developed in coordination with the open source community and the National Security Agency (NSA) to provide the highest level of security for the Linux operating system. Tresys currently hosts the SELinux upstream repository, the central point for the development of SELinux, which also serves as the foundation for the integration of SELinux features into all major Linux distributions.

Red Hat has a long-standing history of providing software for use in security-sensitive environments, in both the public and private sectors, and a well-established commitment to SELinux. Red Hat has integrated full SELinux support into both the community-based Fedora distribution and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution and contributed significant enhancements to the SELinux kernel code, policies and user community.

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