First miniature security computer for Mac desktops and laptops

The new Gatekeeper Pico for Mac and Gatekeeper Card Pro for Mac, provide 12 internet security applications on a dedicated hardware that offloads security, improves productivity and protects users wherever they connect.

With predictions of over 10 million Apple Macintosh computers sold by the end of 2008, Macs are rapidly becoming attractive targets to attackers. Additionally, the typical Mac user is more mobile than a Windows user and as such has a higher risk of exposure to internet borne threats.

The Gatekeeper Pico for Mac is a USB key-size Linux-based security mini-computer, with 12 built-in security applications. The device boots up automatically with the Mac and begins protecting the Mac host immediately. A specially created low-level driver hijacks all network connections, routing Internet traffic through the device before it reaches the host computer, ensuring that any attacks hit the Gatekeeper Pico for Mac and not the host computer.

The Gatekeeper Card Pro for Mac is inserted directly into the MacBook’s ExpressCard slot and provides 12 security applications. Like the Gatekeeper Pico for Mac, it is a full-blown mini-computer with its own processor, memory and hardened operating system. The Gatekeeper Card Pro for Mac marks the first time that an entire computer has been designed for installation inside another computer – essentially a computer within a computer – for the purpose of providing the most advanced security protection on the market.

Full list of security functions in the Gatekeeper for Mac products:

  • Integrated stateful inspection firewall
  • Snort Intrusion Detection System
  • Snort Intrusion Prevention System
  • Sourcefire VRT certified Snort rules
  • Kaspersky anti-virus
  • Kaspersky anti-spyware
  • Mailshell anti-spam
  • Mailshell anti-phishing
  • SurfControl Web content filtering
  • Adaptive Security Policy
  • Multi-Layer Security Agent
  • Layer-8 Security Engine
  • VPN client (Card version only)

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico for Mac is $149.


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