Check Point’s DynamicID simplifies two-factor authentication

Check Point announced a new authentication technology that leverages mobile devices to increase enterprises’ network security. While other solutions require multiple processes, Check Point DynamicID is the first solution to send login credentials directly to an employee’s mobile phone or wireless device via text message.
Check Point DynamicID makes deploying and managing Short Message Service (SMS) distributed one-time passwords (OTP) as part of two-factor authentication simpler and more cost effective for enterprises. Rather than installing a separate, dedicated server to generate random passwords and then working with a mobile service to disseminate the SMS messages, DynamicID incorporates all of the functionality into one solution.

DynamicID also provides businesses a much simpler way to comply with regulations, such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards, that call for two-factor authentication. An OTP sent through DynamicID expires once used or after a preconfigured time set by the administrator. DynamicID is included with Check Point Connectra NGX R66 secure remote access gateways.

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