Data privacy application from SAP and Cisco

SAP and Cisco announced the availability of a composite application that will help organizations proactively enforce data privacy across the business network. The solution is designed to help support continuous, demonstrable compliance with data privacy policies and to minimize risks. By bringing together SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (SAP solutions for GRC) with Cisco intelligent network services, the Data Privacy composite application by SAP and Cisco allows businesses to enforce real-time global and local data privacy policies throughout the organization. This composite application expands SAP solutions for GRC, providing customers with a unique solution for improved visibility, control and responsiveness across the enterprise, while lowering the total cost of ownership by using existing application and infrastructure investments.

The composite application from SAP and Cisco provides customers with data- aware and policy-aware integrated network services, allowing them to more efficiently ensure that any data — whether in use by applications or transmitted throughout the corporate network — is compliant with established data privacy policies. Rather than deploying point solutions within disparate applications, the innovative approach pioneered by Cisco and SAP allows customers to create global and local privacy controls and enforce them at the network level. This allows for the central management of compliance and security with data privacy policies across the networks’ geographies, applications and systems. The solution also encompasses policy orchestration capabilities from Cisco networking devices in concert with Cisco Unified Communications solutions to help enable real-time collaboration and communication about high-severity data privacy violations.

The Data Privacy composite application illustrates SAP and Cisco’s shared commitment to enable business network transformation by helping customers align IT processes with business needs. As customers transform and expand their business networks, they can take advantage of decentralized, increasingly global organizations; the joint solution helps companies move toward this more flexible model while better managing associated data risks.

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