New SSL VPN gateway – Connectra NGX R66

Check Point announced Connectra NGX R66, its access gateway that combines SSL VPN, IPSec VPN and intrusion prevention with centralized management. The new release of Connectra provides enterprises the most secure connectivity that is easy for employees to use and simple for security administrators to deploy and manage.

Whether it is from a company-owned laptop, public computer or Internet kiosk, Check Point Connectra NGX R66 makes accessing the corporate network more secure and less cumbersome. Connectra NGX R66 leverages an enterprise’s existing virtual private network (VPN) infrastructure allowing employees to connect from managed laptops using a traditional IPSec connection.
Connectra NGX R66 also combines SSL technology, so employees can access the network through the Internet browser of an unmanaged public computer or Internet kiosk. To ensure infected computers or kiosks do not pass threats onto the corporate network, Connectra NGX R66 utilizes integrated intrusion prevention and comprehensive endpoint security to block viruses, malware and malicious attacks.
To improve the end-user experience, Connectra NGX R66 allows uninterrupted connectivity when roaming between wireless networks. Connectra NGX R66 also includes DynamicID making it the first and only SSL VPN solution to send authentication codes to end-users via text message without the need of a dedicated authentication server, eliminating the need for employees to carry easily lost Smartcards and tokens.

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