Protection suite for Linux multi-site cluster

New SteelEye Protection Suite for Linux Multi-Site Cluster is aimed towards Linux users looking to cost-effectively extend existing high-availability capabilities as well as for those instituting first-time high-availability clustering and disaster recovery technologies.
As the burden of enterprise data grows, heightened emphasis is placed on how to manage, store and, most importantly, secure that data. By adding additional node for disaster recovery, SteelEye is providing data protection whether the server is local or on another continent. It provides additional protection for unforeseen events as well as planned downtime, such as data center moves.

SteelEye Protection Suite for Linux Multi-Site Cluster offers outstanding robustness and flexibility in its optimised host-based data replication technology. It allows for the inclusion of a remote system as part of a local shared storage cluster, extending disaster recovery protection to all file systems as if they are part of a classic shared storage cluster. Similarly, existing shared storage clusters can be enhanced with disaster recovery protection. Armed with SteelEye’s trademark flexibility, the product also integrates easily and automatically with heterogeneous hardware and software environments as well as existing SteelEye product offerings.
Additional information about SteelEye Protection Suite for Linux Multi-Site Cluster:

  • Supports Red Hat, Novell, Oracle and CentOS Linux distributions
  • Performs automatic switching between all clustered systems, ensuring continuous protection of data against both local server and full datacenter failures
  • Data can be replicated across both WAN (Async) and LAN (Sync) connections
  • Integrates easily with heterogeneous server environments and existing LifeKeeper Recovery Kits for a complete disaster recovery solution

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