Information reporting and global payments framework

S1 Enterprise announced a new release of S1 Corporate Banking that encompasses an array of user customizable and international online cash management capabilities including: a new Interactive Information Reporting solution that offers user-defined data manipulation so banks can provide their large corporate customers the ability to tailor the user experience to their individual needs, and a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based Global Payments Framework that will enable banks to more easily implement new high and low value payment types worldwide.

Interactive Information Reporting allows users to customize the appearance of their prior day and current day report information, execute advanced data aggregation and complex calculations, and perform advanced sorting and filtering of account information. In addition, a new Business Dashboard leverages the latest in Web 2.0 technologies to provide “drag and drop” widgets for immediate access to the most relevant data and functions. Users have access to account balance metrics, reporting and transaction capabilities, items needing immediate attention, and shortcuts to transaction initiation functions. Users can enjoy a unique online experience as their customizations to Interactive Information Reporting and Business Dashboard can be saved.

The Global Payments Framework allows S1 Enterprise and its customers to easily add new country specific payment methods. Based on SOA principles, the Global Payments Framework supports open standards based web services, enabling maximum flexibility and ensuring technology alignment with current and emerging standards. Additionally, AJAX and context sensitive Java-Help were implemented to leverage an enhanced user experience. Other key features of the new S1 Corporate Banking solution include asynchronous export, integration of SWIFT-reported data, eReport usability upgrades, and IAT payments. Finally, extensive modifications were incorporated to facilitate multi-locale, multilingual installations.

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