StoneGate’s new unified threat management solution

Stonesoft introduced the StoneGate UTM solution for remote locations, further enhancing its solution suite for both physical and virtual environments. Available as an integral part of the new StoneGate FW-310 firewall appliance, the StoneGate UTM protects corporate networks from multiple threats and secures the information flow of even the most remote offices.

The StoneGate UTM solution offers comprehensive protection against inbound and outbound attacks. The solution provides unified threat management for Web traffic and e-mail in the local firewall and protects remote office clients against contamination.

With 250 Mbps firewall throughput and 60 Mbps VPN throughput, the StoneGate FW-310 is a cost-efficient tool for ensuring the network security and connectivity of remote offices.

The new UTM appliances can be managed with the same StoneGate Management Center as the other StoneGate appliances, reducing IT management complexity. The unified management offers a comprehensive view into network security as well as easy everyday administration of the corporate network with remote maintenance, automatic upgrades and easy logging.

The StoneGate UTM solution will be available in November as an integral part of the StoneGate FW-310 appliances.

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