Yoggie opens up its miniature hardware firewall

Yoggie Security Systems launched its new Open Firewall Pico and Open Firewall SOHO, the first open hardware firewalls based on its Gatekeeper technology.

The Open Firewall products are extremely powerful Linux-based miniature computers with 520 MHz ARM CPU, 128 RAM and 128 Flash memory. These unique products will enable developers, security professionals and hobbyists to experiment with Yoggie’s own open source hardware firewall for the first time. Yoggie’s award-winning product line was designed and built on a Linux platform. Yoggie will release the source code to its powerful firewall products in a full developer SDK, as well as source code to most of the applications on its platform.

The Open Firewall Pico takes on the form factor of the publicly-acclaimed Gatekeeper Pico – which is the size of a standard USB key – and will allow anyone to test their own settings on one of the smallest, most powerful Linux machines on the market.

For the first time the open source and hobbyist coder community will be able to try out their own scripts and experiment in real time on their own pocket version of a hardware firewall. The Open Firewall SOHO has two Ethernet ports and no river is necessary as it can protect any type of OS and computer.

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