TrustedID introduces the first consumer-facing predictive identity rating

TrustedID announced TrustedID’s Identity Threat Score, the first predictive identity rating for consumers. The Identity Threat Score allows people to understand, via a numerical score, their individual risk profiles for identity theft, and to determine immediate next steps that should be taken for prevention.

TrustedID’s Identity Threat Score is based on a groundbreaking technology called IdentityScan, which analyzes a vast pool of data to discern specific patterns that are likely to make someone vulnerable to identity theft. IdentityScan empowers consumers with access to the type of sophisticated technology that is currently used by major credit card providers around the globe.

IdentityScan’s machine-learning models balance dozens of variables for highly accurate predictions of identity theft. The system is designed to identify key combinations of data that indicate increased risk of identity theft and limit the number of false positive alerts, which lead to unnecessary concern on the part of consumers.

Direct, real-time communication with customers hones the accuracy of IdentityScan’s scoring models, factually identifying real cases of fraud or identity theft and the patterns of data that lead up to them. IdentityScan uses a combination of adaptive rules-based and data-driven predictive models designed to improve its ability to identify risk over time. This allows TrustedID to quickly update scoring models to stay current with changes in the ways that identity theft is perpetrated.

IdentityScan allows customers to set their own profiles of behaviors and identity footprints, helping to enhance the analytic accuracy of scoring models.

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