Strong authentication management with the OneSign Platform

Imprivata announced new capabilities within its appliance-based OneSign Platform focused on strong authentication management and end user workflows. These new features of OneSign enable customers to leverage workflow-centric enhancements and take advantage of a wider array of authentication factors to ensure security best practices, while gaining greater user productivity.

New capabilities in the OneSign platform enable customers to utilize a greater variety of strong authentication options to deliver enhanced security while providing the flexibility to deploy security modalities that their employees will use. These enhancements include:

  • Authentec biometric sensor support: provides customers the ability to leverage the embedded biometric sensors found in many of the most common devices such as HP, Fujitsu and Lenovo laptops, Motion Computing tablets as well as other devices that contain the Authentec biometric technology.
  • Enhanced walk-away security: in addition to existing features for locking/logging off a shared workstation – new enhancements include the ability to tap a proximity card/badge to lock the workstation; setting an inactivity time and/or a hot key for system lockout; and utilizing smart card removal and enabling Xyloc badges to lock the previous workstation during Citrix session roaming.
  • PIN as an authentication factor: a unique feature that enables users to remember just a 4 digit pin used in combination with their strong authentication mode – similar to a banking ATM experience.

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