DriveCrypt 5.0 – the digital data safe

SecurStar published the latest version of its hard disk encryption software DriveCrypt. With 1344 bit real-time strong encryption, the solution prevents any access from unauthorized users. Version 5.0 boasts numerous new features and optimizations for data security and user friendliness that allow even users with no special knowledge to ensure maximum security of their data.

DriveCrypt is a secure and comfortable tool for PC and notebook users to protect their data against theft and misuse. Full hard disk or optionally partition-wide encryption takes place entirely transparently: the encryption and decryption process runs automatically in the background as the user opens and closes files. Encryption takes place on-the-fly, in real-time, so that at no time will there ever be any unencrypted data in the computer’s system memory.

The user can choose between different “types” of security: for example, he can create invisible container files that not even seasoned hackers can find, or hide his information using steganography, disguised as wave files. The new version 5.0 also allows encryption of non-partitioned hard disks. The protected data can be called either by inputting the user password, by additional hardware such as fingerprint scanners and USB tokens, or by inputting a master password. Trojans, password sniffers and spyware programs have no way of getting past the special security functions protecting the password.

To make it easier to set up DriveCrypt, the GUI has been fundamentally revised and optimized. Users can choose between simple and advanced mode, so that no IT administrator knowledge is essential for effectively securing your data. DriveCrypt can be used to secure any storage medium, including CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, ZIP drives, USB sticks and more. Up to 16 terabytes can be encrypted.

Main features:

  • Strong 1344 bit encryption and improved password protection
  • Encrypts containers as well as entire partitions
  • Can create invisible containers/partitions
  • Can hide data in music files
  • Protects against spying out passwords
  • Plausible deniability encryption
  • Access rights allocation for administrators
  • Protective mechanisms against “brute force” attacks
  • Hotkeys
  • Second user access
  • Forgotten password recovery
  • Secure disk deletion and external hardware support
  • Encrypted media resizing
  • Support of all storage media: hard disk, floppy disk, USB etc.
  • Easy installation and use
  • No back doors
  • Easy installation and use by flexible, learner-friendly GUI

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