802.11n access point optimized for service providers from BelAir Networks

BelAir Networks released the new BelAir20 Access Point (AP).

The BelAir20 AP is a best in class, ultra-compact and easily powered dual-radio, dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi indoor AP that:

  • Leverages the same BelAirOS operating system and BelView network management used in BelAir Networks award-winning outdoor nodes
  • Enables hosted software based control that lowers network CapEx by 30%
  • Integrates with the service provider’s back office to facilitate service provisioning and bundling, ease deployment and operation, and reduce network commissioning and upgrade costs
  • Expands the operator’s service reach in mobile indoor/outdoor opportunities
  • Provides wireless backhaul between APs cutting installed costs by 40%

The BelAir20 AP is designed to enable service providers to deliver centrally managed and hosted public or private Wi-Fi services in a variety of high density environments including retail hotspots and hotzones, campuses, hospitality venues including hotels, resorts, conference centers and stadiums, and in mass transit vehicles and stations.

The BelAir20 AP, configurable with wired or wireless backhaul, or as a bridge from outside in, complements the company’s comprehensive portfolio of outdoor Wi-Fi nodes enabling service providers to deliver seamless mobile coverage inside and outdoors. By incorporating BelAir’s high speed mobility software, the BelAir20 can even provide a highly cost effective “on board” solution for moving vehicles.

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