Prevent critical data loss with S3 DataSafe Online Backup

Software Security Solutions is adding automated backup to the company’s featured Layered Security Solution. S3 DataSafe Online Backup offers users secure off-site storage of the critical information that resides on desktops, servers and laptops everywhere.

With S3 DataSafe Online Backup, secure remote backup servers gather data from users as files are modified and new ones are added. Data for backup is protected by 3-tiered encryption for maximum privacy and security as it is transmitted over the Internet:

  • Before backup data leaves the user’s computer, it is encrypted using secure 256-bit AES encryption standard.
  • The transfer takes place over a secure 128-bit SSL tunnel.
  • On arrival at the redundant remote data centers, the files are encrypted again and stored using military-grade 1024-bit AES encryption protocol.
    • As a fail-safe, all data is mirrored to a second geographically remote US data center.

      Should a user or business need to recover their data after a system failure or other disaster, the data can be downloaded to a new machine or transferred to an external disk drive and sent overnight for quick disk-to-disk restoration of all files and data. This approach offers significant practical advantages over services that offer only a download option which, for larger amounts of data, could take days.

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